Youtuber, May 24: YouTuber Carry Minati took his Instagram account to share a glimpse of his new video where he trolls Bigg Boss contestants.

In the video, Carry Minati can be seen making fun of Bigg Boss contestant Rubina Dilaik, who won the 14th season of the reality show. The video begins with Rubina screaming at the camera saying, “We need a Doctor. Sos.” To which the YouTuber replies, “Doctor Gaya cylinder lene, iske liye pujari bulana padega (She doesn’t need a doctor but an exorcist)“.

Then Rubina is seen screaming in the hall that everybody is illiterate and have no clue how to read. She then screams, “Not fair in the name of game“. Carry Minati then says that she should chill with Rakhi Sawant and people can’t win reality shows just by screaming.

The video then shows the day when Rubina was declared the winner of the reality show. At the end of the video, the YouTuber says that wait for the Kakkar family. He then shows the actor in a song which is sung by Neha Kakkar.

The whole video was released on YouTube under the title, The Land of Bigg Boss. The video is over 22 minutes long and has over 11 million views. It includes roasting of the reality show and also has animations that were appreciated by his fans.

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Carry Minati aka Ajey Negar was just 10 years old when he started to make YouTube videos. As of date, he has about 25 million subscribers.

He has known for his comedy sketches as well as his music videos.

One of his music videos titled Yalgaar has broken several records. The song was later featured in the film The Big Bull. The song talks about rising to fame after years of struggle. It also talks about corruption and the rat race in the corporate world.

The song has a catchy tune to it. It was composed by his brother Wily Frenzy.