Agartala, June 13: People have talked about having side effects such as fever and body ache after getting their vaccine doses, a man from Agartala in Tripura has made a bizarre claim of getting magnetic powers. Monoronjon Rudra Paul, a middle-aged citizen of Agartala’s Uttar Badharghat has claimed that he has developed magnetic powers after taking the Covid vaccine.

Paul has claimed that metal objects are easily getting stuck on his body after taking the vaccine doses. Paul also made a video to prove his bizarre claim. In the video, plates, spoons, and coins can be seen sticking to his body.

Manoranjan said that he never had this magnetic field ever in his body and he said that he heard about this incident about people getting this sort of magnetic field after being administered with vaccine. Though he himself is a bit sceptical that vaccine can cause such things, he is saying there are few more people known to him who is also getting magnetic fields in their body and coincidently all have taken vaccines.