Jan 16: A little boy’s genuine efforts to create an Ao Naga attire is winning hearts on the internet.

In the 1 minute 6-second video, Arwin talks about Nagaland, its tribes, and its food.

Arwin Bora, a class 6 student at Father Agnel School, Noida, did a video project on Nagaland.

The 11-year-old, who frequents Dzukou Tribal Kitchen, loves Naga food and decided to pick Nagaland as his research subject.

He recreated Ao Naga outfit using his mother’s jewellery, father’s shawl and other items. For the headgear, he used a Himachal cap and covered it with a bag, while he made the spear using a broomstick.

Karen Yepthomi, the owner of Dzukou Tribal Kitchen and a family friend, shared his video on Facebook.