Sikkim: 2nd & 3rd Covid-19 positive cases registered

June 5, 2020: Two more COVID-19 positive cases have been registered in Sikkim.

Sikkim registers its second Covid-19 positive case on Wednesday and third on Thursday.

The second positive patient happens to be a man from East Sikkim, aged 54. He was among the 856 returnees from Delhi who arrived on the 25th of May. On arrival, he did not show any symptoms. However, he was kept at a quarantine facility at Mining, Rangpo in East Sikkim. On Wednesday, he was tested positive.

Dr Pempa T. Bhutia, Director General and Secretary of the Health Department have confirmed that the 54 years old East Sikkim has been tested positive. However, he has also assured that the two other people who had come to direct contact with him have tested negative.

As per the following routine their samples were sent for RT-PCR testing at the Viral Research and Diagnostic Laboratory in STNM Hospital after the fifth day of their quarantine and the report came last night at around 11 PM.

Dr Bhutia also mentioned that the patient was immediately evacuated from the quarantine centre to an isolation ward in the STNM hospital.

Others in the quarantine facility are presently under observation although they have already tested negative. All these people along with doctors and paramedical staff will be tested once again.

Dr Bhutia has also informed that the CMO [East] and the entire team has been working continuously to trace the contact history of the patient to conduct the test of all primary and second contacts with the patient.

Responding to the queries on the health status of the first Covid-19 patient presently, he informed that the patient is in good health.

On Thursday a 3rd person was tested positive.

He is a 34-year-old man who had returned from Mumbai. Although his tests were conducted in Mumbai itself, he did not wait for the test results and boarded Shramik Special to return.

He got informed on the way back in New Jalpaiguri station that his results were positive.

From there he was brought to STNM hospital in a special ambulance, while the 12 other people who had been in direct contact with him in the train have been quarantined immediately after arrival.