Agartala, May 27: Litan Deb is one of the over 10 thousand teachers, who lost their jobs following a Tripura High Court ruling.

A resident of Kakraban in the Gomati district of Tripura, Litan Deb was serving as a teacher of Kakraban School.

After losing his job 14 months ago, Litan Deb even worked as a mason to earn daily bread for his family. But, later he was kicked out of his mason’s work. 

Many terminated teachers in Tripura are in desperate need of money to run their families and some have even committed suicide.

However, Litan said that he will not choose the path of ending his life, but instead will sell his kidneys and even his eyes if need be.

It has become impossible for me to provide them with food. I don’t have the money to even buy medicines for my ailing parents. I am in big trouble,” said 38-years-old Litan Deb said.

Litan has his elderly parents, wife, and daughter, who is studying in seventh grade, whom he has to look after.

I got the job on the basis of my qualifications. I didn’t bribe anyone to get the job. Government should think about us,” Litan Deb said.


On 25th May, Monday

Tripura: Terminated teachers says, Will have to sell both my kidneys to feed family
Terminated teachers held a protest in front of the education directorate in Agartala

Terminated teachers held a protest in front of the education directorate in Agartala with the mortal remains of one of the teachers who died after he allegedly suffered a massive stroke.

The deceased teacher was identified as Ajit Sutradhar, a resident of Noaniyamura in West Tripura. Speaking with reporters, Dalia Das, leader of the Joint Movement Committee (JMC) said Sutradhar had huge debts and was under depression after failing to make ends meet.

Sutradhar is survived by his wife, daughter and ailing father.

The chief minister had promised to solve the problems in two months, but they are yet to take any positive step. The education minister has repeatedly appealed to sit-in examinations. How can a teacher who is 50-year-old prepare for an exam when he has to earn bread for the family doing odd things?” Das questioned.

The teachers continued their protest outside the education directorate for hours and then took the body to the protesting site in front of Agartala city centre to pay the floral tribute before taking the body to Battala crematorium.

With the demise of Ajit Sutradhar, the death toll has surged to 84 with five deaths in the past month.

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How all of this started:

The teachers have been protesting since December 7 last in front of Agartala City Centre amid the cold weather. However, nobody from the government has met with them or called for a meeting.

The selection of 10,323 teachers was conducted according to advertisements issued in 2002, 2006 and 2009, which was challenged before the High Court of Tripura by Tanmoy Nath and others.

Later, the High Court of Tripura announced the termination of the teachers in 2014, which was later upheld by the Supreme Court in 2017.

Interestingly, the number of terminated teachers has now come down to 8,882 after around 1,400 of the 10,323 were recruited for jobs in other departments of the government. But the remaining 8,882 terminated teachers continue their struggle.