Tripura: Bamutia boy grows apples in own land; will be affordable to all, he says

Mithun Sarkar, a second-year boy of a local college in West Tripura Bamutia constituency is busy planting climate-resilient HRM99 apples in his orchard.

He plans to make apples affordable for every resident of Tripura.

However, this is not the first time he is doing this. He had failed once, miserably, years ago in his attempt to grow apples. But since the idea struck him in 2005, he couldn’t help but continue working on what today has become a grand success.

“In the year 2005, this idea struck my mind. I took initiative to plant apples but it failed in the attempt. After that in the year 2018, I once again attempted to plant apples. After researching the google and after going through certain YouTube tutorials I planted a climate-resilient variety of apple–HRM99, which is successfully grown in other states already.” He recalled.

He has been struggling for years, alone to successfully grow the high quality yet cheap apples.

I am from a farmer’s family. I am now in the second-year student of an undergraduate course at a local college. Along with my studies, I am also continuing farming on the side.” he says.

Now, the fruits of his sheer hard work have invited the Tripura government to come and extend their support to the undergraduate boy, who continues farming alongside his studies.

I have done it on my own. Nobody helped in the beginning but now government officials keep on coming in my orchard for visits and a monetary assistance  of Rs 70,000 has been extended for pinching.” Sarkar recollected.

Now he thinks it fit to plant more saplings as apples in the rest of his land is just about ready to be taken to the markets. All he wishes is the government’s support.

Now I am willing to plant more saplings in the rest of my land since fruits are almost ready for markets. If the government comes out for some help it will be really good for me.” Mithun mentioned.

As he reasoned, the primary motive to grow apples is to help in lower its prices in the state, which in turn will become affordable for the people.

Every Year our state imports a huge quantum of apple. Now in offseason, this fruit is being sold in Rs 200 to 250 per Kg in the local markets. If this product is cultivated here in masses, the prices will surely come in reach of everyone.” He added.