Pregnant woman taken to hospital on a handcart in Assam amid lockdown and due to bad road conditions:

Guwahati, May 11: Amid the ongoing nationwide lockdown in Assam, and due to bad conditions of roads, the family members of a pregnant woman have been forced to carry her to a government-run hospital on a handcart.

The shocking incident took place in Assam’s Bilasipara area.

The woman named Sahana Begum – who is a resident of Hatiputa 1 no village under East Bilasipara assembly constituency was carried on a handcart by her family members for several kilometers to reach a government-run hospital.

The condition of roads and healthcare facilities of the remote Char area (Sandbar area) is miserable and it was due to the condition of roads that no ambulance could make it to the area.

According to the reports, the woman when she felt labor pain, her husband and other family members carried on a handcart and traveled several kilometers and also crossed a river to reach Diparkuti Sub-Divisional Civil Hospital.

The people of such Char areas in the state are facing communication problems since independence.

The area is under the Dhubri Parliamentary constituency which representing by AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal.

A resident of Hatiputa 1 no village said that, the road condition of the area is very bad and the people are facing many difficulties.

“The family members were forced to carry the pregnant woman on a handcart to reach the hospital. They had also crossed the Gauranga river. We appeal the government to construct roads in the area and bridge on the river,” the resident said.