Kolkata, May 20: Playback singer Arijit Singh’s mother, who had been admitted to a hospital after contracting COVID-19, passed away on Thursday.

She was extremely critical and breathed her last on Thursday morning around 11 am.

Arijit Singh’s mother was admitted to AMRI Dhakuria hospital in Kolkata earlier this month.

In his recent posts on Facebook, the 34-year-old singer urged people to take precautions amid the deadly second wave of COVID-19 and said that he was ‘sacred.’

Sorry to poke you all again and again. I do not want to scare anybody but I am scared myself.

Kids are now getting symptomatic. For adults cases – all doctors, medical staff, scavengers, covid warriors, ambulance drivers, oxygen cylinder transport staff, cremation staff are getting either exhausted or down with COVID themselves.,” Singh wrote.

We are not ready for this. We don’t even have enough pediatric set up anywhere. It is my request – Please be careful. I am saying this again:- I know, we are a country where most people will die of hunger if they do not go to work. But, please do self lockdown if you can. Do not come out,” he added.

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Before this, Arijit had shared a message for fans who tried to help his mother.

It is my humble request to those who are trying to help me at this hour, Please Do not overdo things just because you see a name called Arijit Singh“.

Until we learn to respect each individual, We are not going to elevate ourselves from this disaster.

I am thankful to people who reached out and helped but please remember we are all human beings. Every individual is a priority, read his post.