Kohima, August 12: Every morning, 14-year-old Libo M Zhimo – a student of Class 8 in Nagaland Zunheboto districts have taken a 30-40 minutes ride to reach a camp located inside a dense forest nearby her village to attend online classes.

She is travelling 3-4 km of hilly area to reach the camp every day.

Not only Libo M Zhimo – 38 other students of her village, have travelled the camp every day to attend online classes.

Tsuru – a remote village in Nagaland’s Zunheboto district which is dominated by Naga Sumi community people, is located about 65 km away from Zunheboto town.

Nagaland village

The special camp which is set up by Tsuruhu village students’ union inside the dense forest due to lack of proper mobile network.

The Nagaland village students’ union has made a temporary tent by using bamboo, tarpaulin inside the dense forest where mobile network signals have been available which somehow suitable for online classes and examinations for the student.

By sitting on a wooden bench in the temporary tent the students are attending their classes and examinations and it is continued in the last three weeks.

This particular spot is the only are in Tsuruhu village where the mobile network connectivity is available.

Nagaland village

The nearest mobile network tower is located at Gokhuvi village which is about 15 km away from Tsuruhu village and located on the other side of the hill.

The students from Class 3 to Class 9 are the ones who have appeared for their online examinations in the camp.

Libo M Zhimo – a student of Class 8 of St. Anthony school said that, every morning they have to use half an hour to reach the camp which is located inside the dense forest.

It is the only spot where mobile network connectivity is available. We don’t have enough smartphones, but the students’ union is helping us to continue our online classes and examinations,” Libo M Zhimo said.

In view of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation, the government has closed all educational institutions, but the school-college authorities have continued online classes-examinations to help the students.

Zuka Y Zhimomi – president of Tsuruhu village said that, that particular spot inside the dense forest is the only area of his village where mobile network connectivity is available.

Nagaland village

We have only three smartphones entire the village. It is very difficult, but we have done it for our students. 39 students of different schools, colleges have attended the online classes and also appeared online examinations. We are trying our best to help our students and collect study materials. We have used to walk miles every day to reach the camp. We request the government to look into the matter,” Zhimomi said.

With nearly 250 population Tsuruhu village has only a government primary school.

The students of the village have to go Zunhebeto or Dimapur – about 60-70 km away from Tsuruhu, to enrol in high school and college.

Nagaland has so far reported 3031 positive cases for COVID-19 and 973 patients have discharged from hospitals and eight patients died.

The state has now 2047 active COVID-19 positive cases.