Two mothers switch kids amid COVID crisis in Sikkim

Two mothers in Sikkim have taken up the role of care-taker for each other’s kids after one of each pair tested positive COVID positive.

A temporary settlement, the youngest COVID positive patient of Sikkim, a 2.3-year-old toddler has been put in the care of a woman infected with coronavirus in Sikkim’s STNM hospital. While the 3-year-old COVID negative child of the positive mother is being taken care of by the mother of the 2-year-old at a quarantine centre in Gangtok, Sikkim.

The STNM hospital authority had to take decisive action as to what should be the correct thing to do after the toddler tested positive as his mother had been tested negative. They were quick to realise that there was yet another case which was just the reverse of this one.

A team of doctors had initially considered giving the negative child to the family.

However, as the entire incident took place late into the night, our tracking team opted to bring the positive mother with the positive baby, while negative baby would stay with negative mother,” said the Assistant Medical Superintendent of STNM hospital.

Hence this decision of switching kids was taken for better care of the babies.

Doctors at the STNM hospital have informed that the positive child is doing fine. A paediatrician and nurses are taking proper care of the child.

The negative mother, on the other hand, could not be brought to the hospital and is currently taking care of the negative child. After seven days, her child will be tested for Covid-19 again.

Both these women and kids were among the Mumbai returnees and the fresh 36 cases reported in Sikkim on Friday.