Aizawl, 29th October: The Animal Husbandry and Veterinary office of Mizoram’s Siaha district, has achieved the path-breaking success of Artificial Insemination in pigs project.

AH&Vety Office, Siaha had tried to carry out A.I. in Pig project since last couple of years, but success averted so far due to PRRS and some other factors.

The long-awaited success story of AI in pig was scripted last year 2019, precisely in the month of February, when two piglets for AI in pigs project were procured from Lungpuizawl Vety Farm, and these two piglets Landrace leh Yorkshire were reared at Vety Complex, Siaha to its full maturity and their sperm get extracted from July this year.

Soon after, AI in pigs project was carried out on two sows belonging to FC.Zase, College Vaih and C. Rohlira, New Siaha, respectively on the July 4.

These two sows successfully delivered their offsprings on Wednesday night.

Sow belonging to FC Zase delivered 8 piglets and C. Rohlira’s delivered 6 piglets.

The Sperm of 1 Boar is sufficed to inseminate about 200/250 sows and there are 131 artificial insemination sows in Siaha district as of now. If all these 131 sows successfully delivered their offsprings too, then Siaha district will soon become self-sufficient in pork.