A Migrant labourer walks over 900 km with his injured son on his shoulders to his home in Madhya Pradesh:

Migrant labourer walks with his injured son on his shoulders. In a heart-wrenching video, a man was seen carrying his injured son on his shoulders, while he walks to his home in Madhya Pradesh. He had started walking from Punjab amid the nationwide lockdown. His son was lying in a makeshift cot and is seen wearing a mask.
The video was shot when the man and his family reached Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh on the way to their village in Madhya Pradesh.
According to a report by Lokmat, Police officer Ramkumar Gupta saw the man carrying his son on his shoulders in Kanpur’s Ramadevi area. He stopped and talked to him. The man was identified as one Rajkumar from a village in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.
Rajkumar broke down while talking to him. His son Brajesh Kumar, 15, had a severe wound in his neck and was unable to walk. When the family failed to find any means of sustenance in Ludhiana, they decided to go back to their native place.
Gupta arranged for a vehicle to ferry the father-son duo to their native place.
A total of 18 people were part of the group walking to MP.