Meghalaya police wins over Twitter with hilarious Marijuana post

Meghalaya Police tweeted, “Weed like to inform the general public that, of all the Essential items permitted in the times of #Corona, Marijuana ain’t one of them. 

Sorry for our bluntness, but that’s just how we roll! 😎

Kudos to @RibhoiPolice for intercepting a Truck carrying 500 KGs of  Marijuana.”  Was the tweet that is winning over people on twitter.

The hilarious awareness post was made by the Meghalaya Police on Saturday was followed by the seizure of 500 kg of Marijuana by the Ri Bhoi police.

Taking to Twitter, the Ri Bhoi police too made a puntastic tweet which goes as –

Weed have eyes everywhere on the highway so drug rollers beware’

Ribhoi Police busy testing and weighing the marijuana (ganja) that was seized yesterday at the toll gate, 20th mile in the wee hours of the morning. 

@MeghalayaPolice #ribhoipolice #SayNoToDrugs

As per a report published by the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Meghalaya, drug abuse is a major problem faced by the state. Immense drug abuse leads to unwanted ramifications in the growth and development of the state, the worst affected being women and children.

The Department of Social Welfare Meghalaya supported a State Study conducted by North East India Drugs and AIDS Care (NEIDAC) in 2008-2009; this study revealed a huge increase in the number of drug users in the State, reaching a total of 17833 (this figure excludes alcohol users). Terming the disease of addiction as complex and vexing, the Study showed that drug addiction in the State is nor limited to a certain population or community but crosses all cultures, socio-economic level, gender and ages.” The report stated.

It further mentioned, “The study conducted by NEIDAC – Social Welfare indicated that treatment works and will in a large way address the consequences of addiction, especially criminal related activity, and infection with diseases like HIV/AIDS. Education about drug abuse prevention is much needed so society is informed and can deal with the issue more comprehensively.”