January 5: Suicidal ideation is thinking about, considering, or planning suicide. It is not a diagnosis, but is a symptom of some mental disorders and can also occur in response to adverse events without the presence of a mental disorder.

Many people experience suicidal thoughts, especially during times of stress or when they are facing mental or physical health Challenges.

The thought of Suicide, is a symptom of an underlying problem. Treatment is effective in many cases, but the first step is to ask for help.

If a loved one is having these thoughts or talking about suicide, it is essential to take action to help and protect them don’t take it as a challenge but find a way to let them out from this.

Father of a special child who has tried to take her life thrice speak exclusive with India Today and share their experience with us but did not want to disclose their identity.

He said that “In the first place, I did not look upon it as a challenge. And I thought the only way to overcome it was through love, number one. And number two must be open about it. I spoke to people, I did not try to hide. I taught my child, rather I shared with her that it’s okay to not be okay. And that you know whatever goes in her mind, whatever feelings that she has we have no reason to hide. We can wear it on our sleeves and we can talk to people, and have people to accept us as we were. Maybe a flawed family, maybe as a flawed individual. It’s okay. I spoke to my neighbors, I spoke to my relatives, my close relatives. I have a little bit of difficulty accepting it in the first place, you know having my most near and dear have it accepted. And, but I didn’t hide.”

Changing the person who is expensing this thought is not the correct step rather one should change the environment as per her/his choice.

“I wish it was an easy answer. We were uneducated I did not know what my child was going through. What we thought of as tantrums only turned out to be a psychological condition later on. And, what was a psychological condition later turned out to be her not wanting to live. It was accepting her wish that was not okay, you know, that was, perhaps that helped us. It’s not that we tried to change her we change ourselves. We accepted that this is the way that she was, and life turned around a little bit for she said,” Victim added.

Suicide ideation can occur when a person feels that they are no longer able to cope with an overwhelming situation. This could stem from financial problems, the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or a debilitating illness or health condition.

“She was different she had a condition in which the doctors jointly said that maybe it was bipolar, maybe it was borderline. I really don’t know I really don’t understand these terms. These terms mean nothing to me. All that I knew was that my child needed help and that she was not happy. That’s about it. I mean she went into a same-sex relationship. It took us no time to understand it, to educate ourselves. Once we educated ourselves it was easy to accept. Both of them, they stay with us. Now instead of one, I have 2 daughters. And they are wonderful,” Victim further added.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness marked by extreme shifts in mood. Symptoms can include an extremely elevated mood called mania. They can also include episodes of depression. Bipolar disorder is also known as bipolar disease or manic depression.

When a person in the family tries to take a life it’s not only a single life but the whole family goes through depression with this similar thought. At this moment it is necessary to take help from doctors and educate ourselves within a short period of time.

“My child tried to take her life, not once, not twice but thrice. God has been kind to us. God wanted us to understand and have her. That’s why we still have her with us. We have only tried with the help of Health Care professionals, we have only educated ourselves about her condition. The rest of it all goes about accepting that all of us are the same. Helping her also to understand herself, putting her at ease, and that’s about it. Sometimes shield her, but then more than that empowering her to accept her life, and herself as she is. We as her parents are there to cover her back. She knows that we have her back as mum and dad. I think that’s all,” Victim said.

Talk to the person who is going through this will be the best way to get out of this moreover we should listen to the mind and understand the words of the victim.

“Just speak to them. Speak to them as in not talk to them, listen to them, built that bridge. Don’t advise, don’t judge, open up your own variabilities you know, so that they know that you are not perfect. You are all flawed, and they find it easy to come to you and say ‘Hey dad this is the way I am. Do you understand me? Do you read me? Speak to them all the time. Keep that bridge. It doesn’t have to be like let’s have a serious conversation. No, it doesn’t happen that way. All that you need to have perhaps, put a hand on her shoulder and say ‘I am here, no matter what‘. Your back is covered. No matter what your journey is in life, no matter where you go, what you choose, life, dither or whatever, we as your parents we stand solid with you,” Victim shares their own experience.

People with bipolar disorder may have trouble managing everyday life tasks at school or work, or maintaining relationships and therefore think that Suicide would end all their worries. There’s no cure, but there are many treatment options available that can help to manage the symptoms.

Bipolar disorder isn’t a rare brain disorder. In fact, 2.8 percent of U.S. adults — or about 5 million people — have been diagnosed with it. The average age when people with the bipolar disorder begin to show symptoms is 25 years old.

Depression and thoughts of suicide caused by bipolar disorder lasts at least two weeks. A high (manic) episode can last for several days or weeks. Some people will experience episodes of mood changes several times a year, while others may experience them only rarely. Here’s what having bipolar disorder feels like for some people.