Arunachal, September 21: Torrential rains triggered heavy landslides in Arunachal Pradesh and traffic movement is disrupted on the Pasighat-Yingkiong road due to it. The roads remain blocked for a week now as they are heavily loaded with debris, stones and rocks from the landslide. The roadblock is, particularly between Bodak and Padu.

The highway department hasn’t been able to carry on with proper road clearing work as the heavy rains continue in Arunachal Pradesh. However, it’s men and machines are engaged in clearing the road for the last few days.

The department gives an estimation of three days to clear the road entirely. Several goods trucks bound for Upper Siang district are stranded on the highest near Raneghat(Pasighat) as the highest authority is not allowing the vehicles to remain on the route due to road blockage and clearing work.

This happened earlier in July when the same highway in Arunachal was blocked due to landslides. Torrential rains had caused the water of the river Siang to rise to a dangerous level in East Siang district. The water level rose to 154.27 metres whereas the danger level of water is at 153.96 metres. The Water Resources Department(WRD) said that this is the highest this year. The WRD also said that “there has been heavy downpour in the hilly areas, due to which major tributaries of the Siang river are flooded.