Assam, October 2: Mihir Kumar Purakit a Professor of Indian Institute of Technology was awarded with a national scholarship for research on Green tea, the prestigious Abdul Kalam Technology Innovation by National the Indian National Academy on August 30th this was informed by the institute last Wednesday

He said “Green Tea leaves are widely available in the northeastern states,  particularly in Assam and are used only for drinking purpose. However, these would be readily available for catechins production also. The antioxidants, if we can extract, can be used for producing antioxidants medicines”.

Purkait, who is the head of the centre for the environment and Professor of Chemical engineering department in IIT-Guwahati is the first person to receive the fellowship which will support him in conducting wide and advanced research in the area of “prototype development for antioxidants extraction from tea leaves for the production of low-cost antioxidants medicine

He also added, “one of the major objectives of his to improve socio-economic conditions of the tea garden of Assam are currently, commercial tea processing in the northeastern states is adversely affected due to poor marketing“.