First cleanest village of Assam submerged in floods

First cleanest Belona village of Assam is submerged under the floodwaters from the Pahumara river as the monsoon floods have created devastating effects in more than 28 districts of the state.

As a local villager informed, “Belona village is facing severe water shortages. The village will have to be reconstructed. This is a severe distress situation. Food items are deficient. We have no food to give to the animals. Everything has gone underwater.

Belona village, located in Bajali sub-division of Assam’s Barpeta district was recognized as the state’s first ‘Clean and Green’ village early in October last year.

The title had brought the village great praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had congratulated the village and Assam government on 8th October in a tweet which said, “Very good! Cleanliness powered by community initiatives is always wonderful to see. Congratulations to everyone who has worked on this Swachhata effort.

However, the recent deluge from the Pahumara river in the region has devoured Belona and nearby villages. Pathshala village, also located in the same district which was praised by the Prime Minister earlier this year for being recognised as a new clean village in the state has also gone under river water.

BJP district president, Nagen Chaudhury said, “I have already got in touch with helping hands. I will arrange for food items for the people residing in the area. I will try and reconstruct the village back to its old form as soon as the water recedes.

The Assam floods have had devastating effects in over 28 districts and on the lives of more than 33 lakh individuals claiming several lives and causing huge damage to property.