Sikkim: Economic Revival Committee set up; relaxations to be given on lockdown 4.0


The government of Sikkim led by Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang has set up a seven-member Economic Revival Committee to review the effects of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic on the state’s economic condition and give suggestions on how to revive the state’s economy after talking and discussing extensively with all stakeholders.


BJP MLA Sonam Tshering Venchungpa is going to be the chairperson of the committee. Other members would include CL Denzongpa, VB Pathak, Sonam Lepcha, Mrinalini Srivastava, and Dr OP Dhakal.


Economic Revival Committee set up in Sikkim
Economic Revival Committee set up in Sikkim.


Speaking on the constitution of the committee and its purpose, Political Secretary to Chief Minister Tamang, Jacob Khaling said, “Our economic revival committee will meet and discuss in details with all stakeholders of the state, entrepreneurs, unemployed people, private sector employees and even journalists about their loses and how can the state revive them. We will also publish a report based on the formulas on how to revive the state from economic losses due to the lockdown. Accordingly we will declare an economic package.”


Several proposals of relaxations on the fourth phase of lockdown have also been discussed in the Sikkim cabinet meeting. Shops will be allowed to remain open from 8 AM till 5 PM.  Inter-district vehicle movement, private cars, and taxi movement will continue following the odd-even formula. However no permission will be required for the same.

Arrangements for bringing back stranded Sikkimese people in other states are also being made. Special trains and buses will be used to bring the people back.

Jacob said, “Proposal has also been given on bringing back our stranded people from other states as soon as possible. We are arranging for special trains for this purpose. People stranded in nearby areas like Patna, Kolkata, or other places in West Bengal and the northeast state’s arrangement of buses have been proposed along with providing relief to the Sikkimese drivers. I have also proposed for restaurants to remain open but with conditions. Only home delivery and pickups by customers will be allowed. Sitting and eating wouldn’t be.”