Kolkata, March 27: Voting is going on in 30 assembly seats in five districts of Bengal state. But a day before that, a large number of crude bombs have been recovered in Kolkata. This incident is from Benipukur in Kolkata.

26 crude bombs wrapped in small bags made of cotton have been found in a plastic hut in Kolkata behind the P-85/3 building located on CIT Road.

Bengal: Before first phase voting, 26 crude bombs found in Kolkata

The Anti Rowdy Squad Detective Department has recovered these 26 crude bombs. These bombs were probably assembled to create chaos in the election. Anti-Rowdy Squad Detective Department has recovered these crude bombs with the help of the Disposal Squad.

Elections in Bengal have started from 27th March.

Voting is going to be held for the assembly elections in Bengal as well as Assam. Voting is going on today in 47 seats in Assam.

This time the Election Commission has also extended the voting time. This time in Assam, people will be able to vote from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

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The Election Commission has taken this decision given the circumstances of Covid-19. Similarly, voting time in Bengal has also been increased. The people of Bengal will be able to vote from seven in the morning to half-past six.