An Assam MLA visits hospitals to express gratitude to the COVID-19 warriors:

Guwahati, May 4: Assam MLA visits hospitals to express gratitude. The COVID-19 warriors of the country are continuing their works in the fight against the novel Coronavirus without fearing for their own lives safety and it is the greatest patriotism of these warriors during the crisis time.

Expressing gratitude to the COVID-19 warriors, an Assam MLA has been visited many hospitals in the state and thanked to the warriors for their services to the nation, human beings.

Assam MLA visits hospitals to express gratitude

Assam MLA Rekibuddin Ahmed who represents Chhaygaon assembly constituency in Kamrup (Rural) district, has visited several hospitals in recent times and expressed gratitude to the doctors, nurses, and other health workers.

On Monday, the Assam legislator had visited few hospitals in his constituency and met the doctors, nurses, other health workers.

The Assam MLA had also distributed fruits, snacks, masks, and other items among the doctors, nurses, and health workers.

Rekibuddin Ahmed said that – “They are working for us, for the nation during this crisis hours without fearing about their own lives. We must thank them and express gratitude.”

Assam MLA visits hospitals to express gratitude

He also visited an old age home at Bamunigaon area in Kamrup (Rural) district and provided fruits, biscuits, juice, other food items, masks, hand sanitizers to the older women who are living at the old age home.

Rekibuddin Ahmed had also distributed food items among the children at a juvenile observation center.

Assam has 42 positive cases for COVID-19 so far.

One patient died in the Hailakndi district and 32 other patients were discharged from hospitals.