Assam, June 24: Without having any technical knowledge an Assam man who is professionally a mason has accomplished something that many people just dream of, which is of making a seaplane using a bike engine.

A lot of talented people in Assam have been coming up with their creations to own something that they have always dreamt of. Earlier an Assam man made a Lamborghini replica watching YouTube videos in his garage and now Bubul Saikia with no technical knowledge has made his very own Seaplane.

Bubul Saikia – a resident of Choraipani village under Titabar constituency in Assam’s Jorhat district has made a seaplane despite having any technical knowledge and professional guidance in this field.Assam mason builds his own seaplane with motorcycle engine | Watch

Bubul Saikia who is a mason by profession always dreamt of flying high in the sky and he had planned to make his own plane to fulfil his dream.

In the last two years, he dedicated himself to his project and was finally able to fulfil his dream.

Bubul Saikia said that he always dreamt of flying in the sky.

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To fulfil my dream I have made a seaplane by spending my own money. I have used an engine of Pulsar bike 220 in this seaplane. I have even built other parts of the seaplane also,” Bubul Saikia said.

He further said that by profession he is a mason and he had not been able to give full time to make his dream project.

Assam mason builds his own seaplane with motorcycle engine

I was engaged in the work of my project in the morning and night. I have spent Rs 2 lakh on this project. I felt so good when I first took off the seaplane on water. I hope that I will be able to fly soon,” Bubul Saikia said.

This Assam man, Bubul Saikia further said, that he is now focusing to give his final touches on his dream seaplane to allow fly in the sky.

Earlier, a motor mechanic from Assam has developed a Lamborghini car by using limited local resources. Nurul Haque, a mechanic, modified an old Maruti Swift car into a sports car that looks like a model of Italian luxury car Lamborghini. Nurul is a resident of the Bhanga area in the Karimganj district of Assam.

30-year-old Nurul Haque from Assam said that he spent Rs 6.2 lakh on this project, and he has always wanted to drive a sports car like Lamborghini.

It was my dream to make and drive such a luxury car. I love Lamborghini cars and finally, I have modified an old Maruti Swift car into my dream car,” Nurul Haque said.