Assam, 16th November: The damaged gas well at Baghjan oil field in Assam’s Tinsukia district has been successfully killed and fire doused on Sunday after five and half months of effort.

The Baghjan gas blowout began at Well No 5 in OIL’s Baghjan Oilfield, adjoining the ecologically fragile Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, on May 27.

Oil India Limited tweeted “Baghjan blowout well successfully killed: The well has been killed with brine solution & under control now. The fire has been doused completely. There is no pressure in the well now & d same will b observed for 24 hrs to check if there is any amount of gas migration & pressure build-up.”

OIL initiated the process of injecting “kill fluid” or cement-laced chemical mud, the final phase of well-snubbing operation, about 11 a.m. to kill the blowout well. The operation was headed by an eight-member global experts’ team along with officials of the OIL’s crisis management team.

The well was killed 12 days after 60 tonnes of the snubbing unit, flown in from Canada’s Calgary by an Antonov An-24, reached the site on November 4.