Itanagar, September 23: The last few years have seen major improvements in road and rail connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh and adjoining areas. Many vital roads, rails, and bridges have built which are not only connect far-flung districts and states; they are strategically important for the entire Northeast also.

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu shares a video of the pleasant 1-hour drive from Roing to Namsai (86km) over NH13 and NH15 which earlier used to take at least 7-8 hours. The CM took tweet to share the glimpse and said “मेरा देश बदल रहा है…आगे बढ़ रहा है”.


Last week, CM Pema Khandu shares a video of supercars enthralling Arunachal Pradesh’s high-altitude roads.

Thrilled Chief Minister Pema Khandu posted videos on social media of the luxurious sports cars speeding away in the hilly roads in Upper Siang district bordering China, with John Denver’s ‘Rocky Mountain High’ playing in the background.

“With these beauties rolling on the Damroh-Mariyang highway, the view becomes much more amazing and splendid. We are proud to say, Arunachal is able to offer itself as one of the best driving destinations for supercars,” the Chief Minister said.

The Pema Khandu government has worked hard in the development of roads and connectivity.

The important milestones include India’s longest bridge, the 9.15 km Sadiya bridge, connecting Dibrugarh/Tinsukia to Roing/Tezu, the 6.5-km bridge connecting Roing and Dambuk, the Alubari bridge connecting Namsai with Tezu/Roing, the bridge over the Sissiri/Sisar connecting Dambuk/Roing with Pasighat, thus completing the Dibrugarh-Pasighat-Dambuk-Roing-Tinsukia-Dibrugarh, Roing-Tezu-Chowkham-Namsai-Miao-Jairampur circuits. Similar progress inroads has been made along with the Pasighat-Pangin sector and the Pasighat-Mariyang-Yingkiong sector.

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The roads in eastern Arunachal are a driver’s delight due to smooth two-lane roads with proper markings. Many of these roads are comparable with roadways in Europe and the western world passing through scenic valleys, meadows, and unspoiled forests.

In the western sector, the Itanagar-Sagalee-Pappu Valley-Seppa road and the Hollongi-Itanagar road are also well laid out. All these roads are part of the ambitious 2,000 km long Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) planned to connect the western and eastern corners of the state. The TAH is under construction and progressing in many places. Once completed, traveling in Arunachal would be a delight, cutting down travel time between major towns by many hours.