Kolkata, June 16: A legendary actor and BJP leader Mithun Chakraborty are being questioned virtually on Wednesday morning by Kolkata police on his 71st birthday over his controversial speech during election campaigning.

An FIR has been lodged against him in Manicktala police station. He is being questioned from around 10:05 am and his statement is being recorded by the cops.

The complainant claimed that the actor had used dialogues like “marbo ekhane lash porbe shoshane (I will hit you here and the body will fall in the crematorium)” and “ek chobole chabi (just one snakebite and you will become a photograph) during a rally for BJP at the Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata for the West Bengal assembly elections.

It was alleged that these dialogues were a cause for post-poll violence in the state.

The veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty claimed that the utterances of such film dialogues were only recreational and that he is innocent and in no way connected with any offense as alleged by the complainant.

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Chakraborty has sought before the Calcutta High Court quashing of proceedings against him pending before the additional chief judicial magistrate at Sealdah court. He has also been accused of promoting enmity between different groups, an intentional insult to provoke breach of peace, and making statements conducing to public mischief.

Think Mithun Chakraborty, and the first thing that comes to your mind is his disco dance numbers in the 80s Bollywood films. The dancing superstar took a generation by storm and pulled them to the dance floor. They danced to his tunes and imitated his moves —  the scandalous pelvic thrust that was inspired by Elvis Presley, machine dance, twist, disco, break dance and hip-hop, and American locking-popping.